Social Media Marketing

Social media is a really effective outlet for your business. It enables you to market your services and products regularly. Because of this, it allows you to effectively create a community of followers who can then regularly consume your content on the various platforms.

By establishing a ‘relationship’ with your followers, they will be exposed to your brand. If your posts, retweets, shares and likes captivate their imagination, these followers will develop into customers. And all of this happens on a daily basis.

In-house Social Media Marketing Strategist

At Blue Space Media, we have a dedicated social media marketing strategist who is responsible for helping our clients establish themselves on the various platforms. Key tasks include increasing their following and posting engaging content.

With experience of working on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Blue Space can help you evolve your social media marketing. When done correctly it will become a powerful marketing tool for your business.

We can assist with setting up and optimising accounts and providing monthly support packages.

Results-focused Campaigns

We can help you create, run and manage various types of social media campaigns.

These include paid-for advertising and ‘like and share’ promotions.

Paid-for advertising – or ‘boosting’ posts – allows you to access a particular demographic of people. This means you can tailor the content to get their attention. If you have a low value product or service that you are prepared to ‘give away’, a ‘like and share’ campaign can be a hugely successful way to spread the word about your company. For the relatively small cost of that item, you could open up opportunities for higher value sales.

Social Media Integration

To increase the online presence of your business, you need to integrate social media platforms into your website.

The feeds of recent posts from your social accounts can be incorporated to run alongside your website.

Social media marketing services and digital marketing work hand in hand and this allows you to use the various platforms to drive traffic to your site.

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