6 Quick wins for any business targeting the B2B market

Make a habit, boost your business

Targeting the B2B market is only slightly different to marketing direct to consumers. Apparently it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to form a habit. Use this Corona down time to start a good habit for your business. Here are six quick wins that will help any business if you are targeting other businesses or commercial enterprises as customers

  1. Get your business on the key social media channels

You might favour Facebook or Linkedin for your business currently because its your preferred platform and you use it on both a professional and personal level. However, your customers and prospective customers are all very different. Some of them will use Instagram, whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube. You need to be visible on all of themPost content on social media channels every day.

Get Social savvy and reach more people

2. Post content on social media channels every day.

Sounds impossible right! Well at the moment we have all got the time, so make it a regular habit. Creating one bit of content can be repurposed to suit the other channels, but make sure you don’t just copy and paste. You will need to adjust the tone (more professional for Linkedin) and don’t forget each platform uses (hashtags #) this will help your post get a wider reach and potentially more engagement.

3. Add 5 new connections on Linkedin every day

Having a professional network of like minded contacts on Linkedin is a great way to increase your reach, to promote your brand, products and services. There are many people on Linkedin with 1000+ connections which makes it a useful way to get information out to a large audience quickly.

Social media is a key element whether you are targeting businesses or consumers. Bluespace Media can help if you need some assistance or advice with your social media.

Prospect build now and benefit later

4. Find 15 new leads or prospects

If you don’t have a database – then make one!.

Add data to your prospect database every day. Whether it is a business you know of, or has just opened. Or you have seen in a directory listing or newspaper advert. Maybe a connection from social media or someone you meet at a networking event or down the pub. Add them to your lead or prospect database.

5. Send 10 introduction emails every day

Even though this time is not maybe not for direct selling, people still need to hear from other businesses. Take this opportunity to introduce your business, who you are and what you do.

6. Call customers and prospects.

This is a lonely time for everyone, even if we are locked down with loved ones. With physical contact not possible the best we can do is speak to people via telephone or video call. Calls should be like your emails, introductory and not “salesy” at all. You need to show empathy and literally just have a conversation. It almost certainly will not end up with a sale now, but it might be remembered in a few months time and you will reap some rewards then.

So when targeting the B2B market, these 6 ideas will give you a robust and continuous plan that if adopted will become second nature. Like with anything it might not feel natural at first but over time it will.

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