Did you know? Five key SEO facts and figures.

SEO (Search engine optimisation) is important for any business who wants or needs traffic to their website. Whether you are a full e-commerce site or whether you are driving traffic. To influence them to purchase a product or service. It is essential that your website has a solid grounding in SEO or a plan to support your business.

The industry is worth $80billion globally. So there are plenty of people investing and utilising SEO as a key element of their digital marketing strategy.



  1. The number one fact to start with is that the on average, the number one organic position on google (desktop search) has a click through ratio of around 37%. That is huge!

When it comes to the  first page of Google, statistics show that you cannot underestimate it. In fact, as you move down the first page, the CTR drops, with the majority of people choosing one of the top three results compared to anything else that they will then come across in their search.


2. Search engines are still pivotal in driving website traffic. They drive around 93% of all traffic to websites.

Sure social also drives some traffic but you cannot ignore the search engines. A very high percentage of people use search engines to then land on your website shows that you need to be high up on those results pages and be as relevant as possible.


3. Well actually both! Marketers have shown that by utilising SEO and paid ads that campaign results see a 25% more clicks and 27% more profitable, than those using them individually.

4. It is said that SEO is 5.66 times better than paid ads! Have you ever considered how effective SEO is? Now you have the answer.

Namely, organic SEO is effectively considered more trustworthy than paid ads by people carrying out the search. There is a thought that companies can buy their way into the position without it being the best option for a consumer, which leads to people paying more attention to the organic results than the paid ads.



5. Updating and republishing your existing posts or content with new content and images can increase organic traffic by as much as 111.37%.

Blogging & content SEO is already proven to be an effective tactic. Additionally, this approach has the added bonus of taking advantage of the previous links and SEO work that’s been done on the old blog post or content while also using newer methods to push the content higher. Adding images should pull in even more attention thanks to the role that visual content plays in attracting people.

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