Retained Marketing Services

Retained Marketing Services is a perfect solution for some clients. This makes Blue Space Media their selected resource for whenever they want to make their digital assets work harder. This allows them to generate more ideas or enquiries, or simply be seen and heard in more places.

We work with your business, ensuring whatever areas we work on or in are a true reflection of your company and meet your expectations. The ongoing support we offer can include all or any of the following:

Improve site performance

Tasks completed to help your website perform well based on current search engine trends and remain a useful tool for your business.

  • Technical SEO – we can adjust various aspects of your website to ensure it is seen favourably by search engines.
  • AdWords – our specialist AdWords consultant can help you create engaging ad campaigns that will encourage click-throughs to your website.
  • SEO articles – regular uploading of keyword optimised SEO articles will give your site strong rankings for your chosen search terms.
  • Maintenance and updates – important to ensure your website is safe and secure from risks such as being hacked or losing files from your server.

Social media retained marketing support

Need help to make the most of your social media platforms? Our social media marketing strategist can help guide your various accounts to being successful outlets for your business.

If needed, we can work easily alongside your existing team or, alternatively, you can access our retained marketing services. We can take control of your accounts so it is one less thing for you to worry about!

Marketing materials & campaigns

We are well experienced at producing all types of marketing materials. This ensures that your branding is maintained and it can be used in a variety of situations. The graphic design and logo design services we offer can be used for:

  • Print or online adverts
  • Stationery packs
  • Press releases, blogs, web content
  • Banners and signs

Blue Space Media – Wymondham, Norfolk, England

Tel: 07502 353905 Email: hello@bluespacemedia.co.uk

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