We have developed and created a series of one-off marketing packages and monthly retainers to help you through this period in order to give your digital marketing an honest review and give you some ideas on what you can and should be doing during this period.

The only FREE advice is don’t stop marketing completely if you can afford to!

So if you would like us to review your existing digital advertising, or provide you with suggestions, hints and tips on what you could or should be doing, then get in touch today. Call 07502 353905 or email hello@bluespacemedia.co.uk to discuss in more detail or to book an appointment for one of the packages below.


Marketing Packages

  • This range of monthly marketing support packages can help you and your business get a much better online presence. We have ensured that there is a package for all budgets.
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Local SEO Packages

  • We have three local SEO packs which all give your business exceptional local SEO benefits and ultimately help your business improve its visibility on key search engines such as Google.

Website Packages

  • Our three website packages are perfect for every business. We can cater for those with limited information to those who need multi pages for lots of business information. We also have a great package for anyone who needs a commercial website where people can place orders for their products and services.
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