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5 More marketing tips to help during a time of crisis.

After the first 5 tips on digital marketing in a crisis, here are 5 more!

After the first 5 tips of digital marketing in a crisis, here are 5 more!

These are slightly more in depth and require some knowledge of marketing and digital elements to implement. As with lots of the recent content, there are fundamental themes running through this article that need continued attention, even when we aren’t dealing with a global pndemic; Digital content, website visibility (SEO & ads) & Social media.

 As with most things in digital marketing there is always a need to check, update & repeat – it is never ending as the digital marketplace is constantly changing and consumer behaviour continuously evolving.

During this COVID-19 outbreak and because of the changes to the way we all go about our daily lives, more people are online for even more time.  People are planning for when this is all over or restrictions are relaxed, so whether you are painter & decorator, landscape gardener or a builder or conservatory company, people will be looking and wanting your services, but they will be taking more time to decide who to choose.

Now is the time to get your website polished, ensure your local SEO is up to date, get those reviews sorted and make sure Social is covered

Digital marketing

1. Website visibility

As mentioned, consumers are most likely online, coping not only with the boredom of lockdown, but also genuine people who were thinking about using a product or service before lockdown started. If you want them to notice you, and choose you, you need to be where they are, especially when they search for your products and services. Search engine optimisation is the primary marketing strategy in this aspect. Ideally, you should have these key things in place:

Run a technical website audit. Simple technical errors make it hard for Google to index or read your site. That’s why it’s important to perform an audit to know which parts of the website need fixing. Simple things like meta tags and image size will be having a negative impact.

Content is king, it really is.

  • Re-evaluate your keyword strategy on your site. 

Remember, keywords are the way in which prospective customers and clients find you. You need to understand what keywords and phrases that they use in search and it is a core component of your overall marketing strategy. Over time though, search volume for keywords change. In fact, the very phrases change, especially in the time of crisis. It’s then important to reconsider what keywords you should prioritise in your content.

  • Create targeted content. 

Almost every business will have fewer client and customer interactions right now This will give you more time to evaluate what exactly your audience often brings up in actual sale exchanges or questions the ask your business. Think about the top questions you encounter or top things they consider when purchasing your product or service and incorporate these into your content.

  • Update your old content. 

A simple and easy win. Yes, Google likes fresh, new content, but it also rewards even simple tweaks like changing the date of the article to reflect the newer version. Include sprucing up old blogs and content pages in your marketing plan.


Key for local businesses

2. Improve local SEO

For a small business, Local SEO is the most important of the digital marketing tips we share. Almost every business will have been affected by the government’s policies around social distancing. As a result, consumers will naturally question if you’re open and operational, which of your products and services are available? and much more. This is why you should never forget the power behind local SEO in your marketing plan.  Review your business listings in different directories. Update them, as necessary. Pay special attention to your office or store hours. If you can have past clients write reviews, better. With a couple of good ones, you can increase your credibility. Remember, that trust factor is especially crucial in a crisis. Bluespace Media can help with this as we have some dedicated Local SEO packages to help with that.

Digital marketing

3. Boost your blogging efforts

Now that you may have more time on your hands, hit the search engines with more of your content through blogging, and, if you can, get some guest bloggers involved. This has multiple benefits for you during this troubled time. For one, it will boost your site’s credibility and by extension, your search engine rankings, through backlinks. There’s greater probability then that the consumers who are using the internet to pass the time will find you once they hit enter on the search bar.

In addition, you will be able to reach a wider audience, who can be potential clients and customers. Imagine getting published on an authoritative online fashion magazine or finance blog. Think about the avid readers you’ll be catching with your blog posts there. Thus, don’t forget to include this in your plans


Digital marketing

4. Utilise all sales channels.

With lockdowns in place, physical trips to the shops or your office or warehouse aren’t possible right now. It’s vital for you to explore alternative channels to sell your business, its products and services. Naturally, digital is the way to go. Set up a page where people can order products online. This can be in simple Google Forms posted on your social media page or a well-designed website with online shopping features such as carts and digital wallets.

Meanwhile, if your main business is offering services, like an estate agency recruitment consultancy, financial services or marketing agency. Try to make yourself visible through webinars or premium content subscriptions. Lots of people at home are looking for ways to relieve boredom, or genuinely pass the time in a positive way. If they can tune in to your online training and learn a thing or two, then that’s not a waste of time, is it?

5. Utilise social media more

While social media is now a given in every marketing plan, don’t just settle for setting up a winning fan page.

Make sure you are using all the functionalities of the key social media platforms you use for your business.  Don’t leave any stone unturned, by adding a few products to the shop section on Facebook might just get you a few extra enquiries, or shares and peak some interest in your business.

Social media is not all about likes & shares.

Digital marketing

Knowing and understanding your audience is key.  People can’t go out and engage in personal interactions as of the moment. With that, they’re craving for some semblance of community. If you can provide that sense of fellowship and belongingness, then engagement with your customers and clients will increase. One effective way to provide that experience is to create your own social media group.

It’s better if the group can be centred around the lifestyle or advocacy your brand represents, rather than the brand itself. People don’t like to be sold to, especially during this time. But they will most definitely support your finance or recruitment company if you give them exclusive advice on how to best use their money during the crisis.

Times are changing, and so should your marketing strategy. Re-evaluate your plan and incorporate these strategies. The outbreak may be over in a few more months, but what you decide to do here now can surely bring a significant impact to your business in the long-run. These digital marketing tips can and will help any business so good luck implementing some or all of the tips here!

Bluespace Media can help with implementing all of these marketing ideas and much more.


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