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Advertise online – What are the best options?

advertise online; google ads; facebook ads
advertise online; google ads; facebook ads

If you are a small business looking to advertise online for the first time.  Maybe you have tried in the past and it didn’t work out for you. This blog will look to help you decide what is the best option for you.

Google ads are the easiest to set up.  The adverts are fairly simple to create and the Google platform is relatively easy to understand. This means you can control your online ads and make the necessary adjustments.  The ads are predominantly text based so are limited in what you can say and show.  However, this slight limitation is dwarfed into insignificance with the potential level of traffic and users.  

Targeted to active searches

The premise of Google ads is that your ads are shown when people type in keywords or phrases that you have chosen.  This means people will be actively searching for products or services like yours when your advert and its content is seen. 

The other key benefits of Google ads is that the ads are served on more platforms.  So when you advertise online through google. Your advert can sometimes be displayed on other key websites where this is lots of relevant traffic.

Facebook ads – Targeted and versatile

Working with Facebook ads can be tricky to set up and get right. However this is a minor flaw when you can choose from several different ad formats. You can also target individuals based on interests and locations, giving you amazing targeting accuracy.

In online advertising Facebook ads are ultimately more affordable.  You can run them over shorter periods. This means it enables you to use smaller budgets in short bursts. This works well for smaller businesses on a tight marketing budget.

What platform should I choose to advertise online?

It primarily comes down to budget and of course what you want to achieve from your online advertising. Phone calls, email enquiries, online purchases. They all require a slightly different approach.

Our advice is to use both platforms together rather than pitch them against each other.  Both platforms provide distinct advantages. By using the facebook pixel, a google campaign can subsequently support a Facebook advertising campaign. It does this by showing retargeted ads. This ensures your business, product or service is seen and reinforces your online presence.

Bluespace Media can help with your online advertising. So if you would like help with your Google or Facebook advertising campaign. Click the link for more information or call us on 01603 339075


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